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Thursday, February 16, 2012

pin drop

it had been a long time coming.
but it was finally here.
it wasn't something he was excited about,
not something he ever wanted
or expected,
or dreamed would actually come into fruition,
but it was destiny,
and it was bound to take it's toll.
and it didn't come unannounced,
didn't sneak up
or happen when his eyes were closed,
it hit him,
and strong.
knocking the wind out of him,
leaving him breathless,
leaving him defenseless and weak.
it took every ounce of everything he had in him.
it drained him to the core,
and for a moment, he sat there,
when he finally got the strength to lift his head
and look around,
he noticed,
everything was gone.
it was eerily quiet.
he could hear a pin drop.
and so,
he closed his eyes,
lowered his head,
and accepted defeat.

steve cruz

steve cruz