i was almost an abortion

Thursday, May 2, 2013

i's half friggin' retarded anyway...

Misguided and mistaken
for someone who's just about as clumsey
even when the earth ain't even quakin',
i posted somethin' i shouldnta ever posted
it got seen and then all hell broke loose and it was like
all the times i post the things i see,
i forget that somewties they are only meant to be seen by me.
not the  general public
or even the bf of the guy
who i took pic of 
God, i feel like i could DIE!
i is such a dumb dumb fool...
never censor
never think,
that i am not like the rest of the world
and sometimes that just stinks...

but i never said that i was smart...
no one who knows me can ever question that...
i am what i am and that's a half a brain cell left which,
basically makes me 
ALMOST retarded...
that's too fuckin bad.
love me or leave me.
it's al good bro.
i'll survive.

will you?

and as it all comes into focus,
i remember that it doesn't matter if it comes into focus or not...
i'm half asleep anyway,
and retarded, so...