i was almost an abortion

Monday, April 29, 2013

rainy days and monday's

rainy days and monday's always get me down.
especially when i'm already feeling shitty,
which is a lot lately, and it's making me crazy.
i'm little by little starting to understand
that it's me alone who holds responsibility for everything happening to me.
of course i always knew that anyway,
but now it seems that there's much more at stake
and i can't sit around and wait.
the greatest knowledge any man has is knowing when, where, how and why
his life went somehow awry.
once you know the truth,
there's no stopping you
from correcting and mending all the wrongs
and making them right, again.
it's my time to start mending.
accepting the facts that i fucked up,
and rise above the clouds
and begin again.

i'll make it through the rain...