i was almost an abortion

Saturday, June 2, 2012

classic j/o

to be continued...

my directing debut w/my sistas Colton n Cazwell...

ok, well, i did it.
after a 4 month hiatus from Facebook,
after i was kicked off for an unprecidented 13th time,
i decided to go back and reconnect with the modern world,
and old friends i haven't spoken to or seen in 4 months, at least.
and you know what,
i realized that i really did miss it.
i missed the funny comments,
the sweet messages
and the faces of my peeps,
as well as meeting and communicatinng with new friends.
oh god, now i sound like an advertisement for the fuckin site,
but really, it's nice, and i missed it,
and i'm back,
so friend me,
and let's talk.
this time i am actually using my real name, joe oppedisano,
so i'll be easy to find.
also, check out my new tumblr page...
it's just staring, slowly,
but at least i am moving forward in the right direction..

Good Feeling