i was almost an abortion

Monday, December 10, 2012


If everyone you think you know
is actually everything they want you 
to believe they are,
is it really such a stretch to believe that
everything they really are
is nothing like the thing they created and tried to sell off as real
in the first place.
So, is it too much to ask that they ever 
come close to resemble
the things they describe 
and tried to pass off as
anything even remotely similar to,
in the same genre as,
in the general direction,
or ballpark of
what they don't want you to know 
to be the truth?
In the long run, 
that very thing they are trying to become
is actually the extreme opposite of
the very thing they sought out to hide in the first place...
so how, what, and why would we ever move beyond or forward 
to trust what they will say
ever again?
or is it just something we must chalk up to a grand illusion of sorts 
that was nothing more than one's own inability to be satisfied 
with what the gods had thought they were being so generous to bestow.
but then that leaves us to all have to wonder
if in fact any of us are ever truly grateful,
or are we just maybe a little embarrassed for the gifts
confused at why we were chosen,
and so the natural reaction would be shame,
for it's not even a possibility we were ever really worthy...

But the worthy ones always know, deep down, 
that they in fact are deserving of such a rich reward as to actually live the fantasy 
the others create,
but they will probably never get the actual chance to enjoy the benefits
because they won't ever feel the need to complete the tasks 
that these gifts eventually always demand.

         So you have to really ask yourself,
can i even handle the truth???

who is he that some see as something other than what he seems? is it really, could it be, that the real one's better than the fantasy...tonight i found out and i was shocked indeed, to find that i had fallen victim to his loving scheme.