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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

60 flies so quickly

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in a day filled with 24 hours when each hour is filled by 60 minutes that are made up of 60 seconds, it seems like it should be enough time to get everything one man needs to do in that time period to do just that. yet, why is it that those seconds fly by so fast making the minutes tick tock and count up to their goal of 60 so quickly that then the hours mash into each other at rates unheard of and by the time the clock reaches the 23rd hour of any particular day, it's still only 1/4 of the way done with what it started when the sun rose in the east just 23 hours previously?
could it be?
will there ever be enough time in a day or should the man who battles each morning just resign himself a loser before he even gets out of bed, and so, relaxes and knows his battle has already been lost?
one day he will win....
the very day he sees his last hours drift by with the minutes seemingly endless and the seconds moving slower than the day is long.
The dreamer will always lose his battle.