i was almost an abortion

Sunday, March 24, 2013

circus city

as the circus tents shutbehind them
the crowded streets of the real world in which they lived,
were the same as they always were..
bustling with cars with honking horns,
tourists with maps,
locals with impatience,
and hot dog vendors with salmonella.
if he had been looking at this on any other day
it would have all seemed normal.
but today
not in the same state of mind,
it seemed like a wonderland of insanity...
the air felt so cold, fresh, and clean...
the noise that usually was,
was not today
for the music of the circus had deafened his ears.
and then as if it were November,
it started to snow...
and the city felt like the fairytale place
he had always dreamed it would be...