i was almost an abortion

Friday, February 3, 2012


it's true

it's true,
what i say,
that i shouldn't really be here,
it was all a mistake,
and now u all pay the price,
you once thought i was nice,
but the truth shall be told,
it will all, one day,

what i did today...nothing.

today was one of those days.
nothing got done,
nothing got started.
i tried, but i failed,
and it seemed useless,
so i stopped.
i cruised the internet,
found some things of interest.
like a straight swingers website,
so made friends, as i lied about who i was.
i love becoming someone else.
my brother in law Dave is the one who got me hooked.
he'd go onto a young girl website
something like myspace,
and chit chat with all of the old men who approached him.
he's act silly,
be coy,
say he wanted to meet and get laid...
he's a sick fucker.
which is why i love him...
today i was a bi married guy from Austin with 3 kids that was a swinger
was into the nudist lifestyle,
and, well, i think that was it.
it was fun,
it made me laugh,
it made me see that i am not the only twisted freak in the world,
cause i cant imagine who i was really talking to.probably some fat 90 year old in Tuscon pretending to be a hot chick.