i was almost an abortion

Monday, March 4, 2013


It's just like i always say, if you are ever listening...you just never know, so, just in case, never say no to anything...
and that's not a sexually speaking either.
Well, maybe/kinda/sorta....
even if and or butt, it all makes no difference because the moral of the story remains the same even with various numbers of beginnings, middles or ends...and the only thing that  changes is exactly what the  outcome of the  final product is  as it is discovered, laid out and ends up
from every different person 
and what they have, what they expect, what they want and what they hope to have
or dream of will someday have in the future...
there are of course many different ways
 it could end,
but if you never let it begin
by just doing it, and not saying "no",
then, you just might never find out 
and never achieve the goal you set out for yourself...
so, fuck nancy reagan...