i was almost an abortion

Sunday, April 21, 2013

rock with you


Boy, close your eyes...
let me get this vision of you i have in your mind...
don't try to fight it,
there aint nothing that you can do...
relax your mind,
lay back and groove with the you i see in my mind
you gotta feel your heat
just trust me cause
you should never feel you're secondary...
just know deep down inside
it's you,
and so from now until forever
you will see you're legendary,
let it happen,
you deserve this
that's why i'm here.
so let it be.

Everything happens for a reason.
it's true.
nothing is accidental,
it's necessary,
so believe in what i say to you.
everyone has their own reason
for entering your life.
only when it's the right season
they are there
and justified.
if you try to fight the feeling
then you might just stop the magic.
because when it's there
it's for that reason
and to lose it would be tragic.
so just go with it
and let the worries in your mind
go away and just realize
it's just one life
and now's your time,
so relax,
enjoy the ride.

Today proved to me all of everything i have inside my mind
is meant to happen
when it happens.
maybe sometimes it seems 
far away from what you dreamed
but when you look back, then forward and then again back
you'll find that what i say
i say
because i know
that it's a million times more beautiful
than you could have ever known.
and so give thanks
and keep smiling
because even though you feel deceived
by some of the hideous things you go through
in the end
they were the things you need
to make certain that you see
that this is what will help take you
to fulfill your destiny.
it's beautiful.
you're beautiful.
it's one time.
it's one life.
there never again will be another.
it's that simple.
so live your dreams.