i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

whistle a happy tune

it had been months since he first started this, what seemed then like, a world winded process that actually, in reality, was even more than he had even thought in the first place...
but here he was , almost at the end, and as things started to solidify and take shape, they  also ventured off into unexpected turns and near misses that almost threw him off course completely...
it was a lot.
and even though he could have done it maybe in less time had he not taken the side tracks and maybe if he hadn't  been attacked, and or had that illness that was not even his fault in the first place, he possibly would have been there sooner..
but, really, not by much.
his path was his path.
he took it the way he needed to take it to get there, and that was that.
he saw the clearing in the distance, and the  future looked bright. well, brighter, and at this point,
that was all he could ask for.

and so, he continued...
head held high, shoulders back,
and a slight confident smile on his face.