i was almost an abortion

Friday, May 24, 2013

DEREK PARKER fights back!

chapter 3,475
the final conclusion:

While no one was looking
he decided that the time was right
to make his move.
he had to be swift,
he had to be strong,
and he had to fight back.
it would be the fight of his life,
it would destroy him inside and out,
but it was now or never,
and never wasn't an option.
he had to wear his courage on his sleeve
and hold the weight of the world in his heart.
this was the time,
he was certain.
as he raised his head up towards the sun rays 
that were beaming through evaporating clouds,
a flock of ducks was seen flying southbound overhead,
there was a clean fresh breeze that wafted to his nostrils 
and in an instant his entire mood and attitude changed.
his body shook it's goose bumps through every pore
and his hair stood on end.
he raised his chin just a bit higher,
with just a bit more confidence gleaming in his eyes,
and a smile cracked just a bit in the corners of his mouth,
the world was a better place...
and they lived happily ever after...

as the late great Erik Rhodes once said, 
you aint really a porn star until Joe Oppedisano shoots you. well, i guess a new pornstar has arrived,
 and just in time...
iml kicks in,
God forbid...
poor Chicago...

Derek Parker,
take it away.