i was almost an abortion

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm Coming Out (Bootleg)

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out (Integer Bootleg)

and so it was,
and there it went,
just like the load i dumped n spent.
let it drip
outta his ass
took a few days
for it all to pass.
so by january 7, 8 or 9
it'll be just about the right time
to understand
and put behind
and don't look back
just say what the hell...
move on
push it further
more powerful next time
cause the way i did it thislast one
wasn't what i had in mind.
see ya.
ur done.
i'm not.
so shut the door,
lock the windows,
seal it shut
n burn it the fuck down.

i'm coming out.
no doubt.

out w/the old

out w/the old
in w/the new
i'm so glad that it's over
it's time to start anew.
sweep it under the rug
locked in a closet on a dark shelf.
behind funky old chachka's 
under moth balls
that smell.
it was fun, kinda, not...
it drew blood and caused tears
it made my nose drip snot
and now,
on to next year.

every second...tikkk tokkk


what seemed like seconds
happened about two hours ago.
it started really slow
and got more interesting
the further along i'd go.
it wasn't planned
it wasn't thought out,
wasn't necessary, although,
without a doubt,
in only seconds i was transformed
to what i stand tall and proud for now.
who'd a thought?
did ya ever think?
can u believe that
it actually even was
the moments of my life
i've grown to love.

...every second, something happens to change your ideas, distort or entertain, embellish or regain, learn to push or refrain from something that you'd never guess could even be, the beginning of future you never ever thought you'd ever see, could come to be...