i was almost an abortion

Monday, April 16, 2012

tech sucks

as convienent ( im sorry its late and i cant spell)
as computers seem to be
and as fabulous and world bonding the internet has been,
sometimes it just plain sucks.
except for modern miracles of technology like Cam4 and Manhunt,
there are things that you can't always enjoy,
like when ur computer decides to die, or worse,
everything i had stored was instantaniously gone.
all my porn, of course,
were not touched...
goddamn what the fuck.
the things i coulda lived without
are the very ones that are like cockroaches n cher,
and refuse to die.
they keep going n going,
and even though they are probably the reason the computer is overloaded anyway...
they won't budge an inch
or a K.
i guess thats just the way of the world as we know it.
it's when u think u seen it all,
that a 3 year old drag queen turns the corner
hoping on a 14 inch dildo
and signing ethel merman tunes.
im over it
long day, longer night,
no, not true...
but long noight,
its 3 am, and im still working...
and computers fucking with me, again.
i hate tech.
just fuckin hate it.