i was almost an abortion

Monday, August 27, 2012

Like A Virgin 2012

Madonna Vs Calvin Harris - Like A Virgin 2012 (Dj FmSteff Mash-Up Radio ...

i'd been had!
i was sad and blue,
but you made me feel,
shinny and new...
gonna give u all my love boy,
me fear is fading fast,
strap on a dildo
and fuck your ass!

i have everything i needed to get done today
in record time i might add.
amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you.
i feel like a virgin,
clean, fresh, untouched by molesting hands
that want nothing more than to bring me down.
i made it through the wilderness.
somehow i made it through,
2 weeks of hell and solitude.
so now i know
what i don't want,
lesson learned,
i get it,
you think i'd do the same thing over?
you're wrong,
get lost,
move on.
you're about to see
an amazing feat
on larger scales
than can be believed.
no smoke and mirrors
no tricks or schemes
it's now or never,
and it's extreme.
another place
another time,
i see what's coming,
i'm gonna make it mine.



upward & onward

Whitney Houston feat. Michael Jackson - For The Lovers

it's been a long, crazy week,
all i want is a little time...
to kick back, unaware of just how unkind
every second of every day
takes control and turns away
another page
of your life's decay.
and one day you wonder
where did it go?
wheres the boy i used to know
but he is gone,
away to far
from where you thought
he'd be, a star.
his star burned quick,
his star burned bright,
his eye created
visions of unimaginable delight.
and now he looks ahead, not back,
upward and onward
is the new plan of attack.
to be what he once thought he'd be,
what he knows is truely
his destiny.

it's out there...

i love scouring the internet for the most inappropriate imagery imaginable...
and it's out there.
my favorite, to date, is this insane piece of homo-erotica
insanity or hypermasculinity?
that is the question...



Dimitri From Paris - A Very Stylish Girl (Pull From NYC Mix)

how do i look?

i WAS a very stylish girl,
at one point, i was sent garment bags every season from designers like Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, John Bartlett, bla bla bla....
thats another lifetime ago...
now a days, i find my style in other less impressive places. my taste for vintage and my knowledge of style, and my love of deconstructionism, make it hard for people to tell if what i'm wearing is actually expensive, designer fabulosity, or just some rag i literally picked up off the street. most times, it's both.
David Dalrymple is always my source of outrageously shredded to perfection ensembles, and he always is one who can throw something together, step back, and go in for the kill with a pair of shears in one hand, rolls of fabric or something glittery in the other, cigarette in his mouth.
it's the ONLY way to work.
he is a very stylish girl.
this weekend, i kick off the J/O world tour and am headed up to Montreal for a very stylish, very fabulous, very "who's who" pre-Black & Blue event in gorgeous Montreal. i am bringing 5 models onstage while the masses of muscle descend and dance, decadently, on the dancefloor. it's an event i'm psyched fr, as i'm working with the ONLY House of Luxury/Fetish/Kink in Montreal, the legendary Fetiche Armada and the Kinky Boys, who i know will bring their uncut monster cocks stuffed into fashions that make your mouth water (not the cocks, the fashion, silly!)
so, if you haven't marked anything in your calendars for this weekend, now's the time to get out of Pittsburgh and explore other worlds, where the men aren't cheap, as they all charge by the minute....

here's how the kids in NYC brought it for a similar event for the Black Party 2 years ago.

and what's on ur mind little girl?

what's on my mind,
today is the last day of the old me.
tomorrow is another day,
and so,
f*@# it.
i learned,
i get it.
i'm done playing games.
mama's back!

I Eat Cannibals

I Eat Cannibals - Remixed for Winnie Yu's Birthday Party 2010 ~

















when you wake up

it will be as if nothing before ever existed,

or never again would be.

it's the dawn of a new day,

a peaceful day

a day when man takes his final step into his evolution.

he has reached it, full circle,

and he no more cares to make the same mistakes twice.

when he opens his eyes,

he sees everything more clearly,

processes everything he hears with a sharper perception of where we were just 10,000 years ago...

we were cavemen.


and so, we do not ever want to take one step back,

not even for a day.

and so, he is man.

no longer child, no longer beast,

but man.




and a new day has begun.