i was almost an abortion

Monday, August 27, 2012

upward & onward

Whitney Houston feat. Michael Jackson - For The Lovers

it's been a long, crazy week,
all i want is a little time...
to kick back, unaware of just how unkind
every second of every day
takes control and turns away
another page
of your life's decay.
and one day you wonder
where did it go?
wheres the boy i used to know
but he is gone,
away to far
from where you thought
he'd be, a star.
his star burned quick,
his star burned bright,
his eye created
visions of unimaginable delight.
and now he looks ahead, not back,
upward and onward
is the new plan of attack.
to be what he once thought he'd be,
what he knows is truely
his destiny.

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