i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


when the best people you know
come from out of the woodwork
and run, not walk
to your rescue...

you know instantly, and without second guessing
that there is something very special in your life,
and you should be grateful.
it's been like an avalanche all around me the past few days,
and it makes me believe that maybe i'll be okay.
maybe it's all just common knowledge that i'm a mess,
but i still have friends behind me to lift me up.
people who know the old me,
the new me,
and all the in-between me's
understand that i am what i am,
i never deny it.
i never question it.
i just live it.
and to know i have support,
is everything times 10 that i could ever ask for.

thank you.