i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


What a difference a day makes...
why, just yesterday it was cold, gray and cloudy.
the entire day just dragged on, Buddy was nervous, i was waiting for life to end
and a new one to begin.
i was anxious, as usual, because i had been living under a roof of insanity.
my old roommate Craig the man who puts the L in LOSER was finally moving out.
unfortunately, he, being the evil sinister wicked cunt he is,
 (and fiending meth head who once begged my friend C.J. to slam him up and fuck him)
who told me just weeks before that he wasn't taking his dog Lucy 
(Lulu to ones who actually took care of her)
because he couldn't handle her..
that's ur dog beotch!
anyway, he said he couldn't handle her, so of course, being that i love her and had been taking care of her for months (she slept in bed with Buddy and I since October)
said immediately that i wanted her and would love to have her.
2 weeks later, he steals all of the dry dog food (all he fed her cause he was cheap and inhumane)
and ships her off to his mothers house so that she would never be with her true family again.
how sad, for her, and us, but also for Craig, cause he knows deep down (as he even told me) 
that Lucy loved us more than him, so, better to ship her away.
but, today is a new day, and even tho Buddy and I lost our girl
we have peace back...
real life starts today.
maybe Annie was right
the sun did come out today, and yesterday now seems like a zillion miles away.
thank God.
i hope Craig is happy in his new apartment, and i hope i never see her again,
except to wave at him one day as he crosses the street as a truck bulldozes down the street and flattens his skinny ugly pasty ass.

bet ur bottom dollar that that day,
they'll be sun.