i was almost an abortion

Friday, August 3, 2012

chapter 13

chapter 13

hopefully this one will be the final chapter where everything gets wrapped up in neat little packages, securing the happiness of our lead character. but for some reason i feel like there are way too many chapters left in this book, rather, series of books, and this could actually be just the finale of this book, leading you to want to read/watch "who shot jr" type of ending scenario. 

up until now, it's been a comedy of errors that has kept me from actually getting to the place in life i know, well, think, i could be. i have been just barely getting by and barely because i am honestly unsure of exactly where it is i want to go. it's just time to stop and smell the ambient air and appreciate it for what it's worth, and nothing more. i have been constantly craving something that i just can't achieve in the ways i have been going after them. i have finally slowed down my pace, and am hoping that the time spent alone will make me understand my past ways were just not the right ways. it's now or never.

i am a lucky man though, i've always had people who love me by my side, always there to comfort and support me, so i think it's actually time i tried to give back to them, and stop taking. as the past month went by, it made me see that there's so much more i could do for them, and that, in all probability, would make them happier, more secure, and in turn, that might make things look up for everyone.
somethings gotta change,
and i truly believe that that change has to start here,
with me,
today is just a day.
tomorrow is the beginning of he rest of my life.
i can be better,
i can strive for more.
i can, and will,
become what destiny had in store for me,
before i took the side road.

today's the day,
today, day one.
chapter 13.