i was almost an abortion

Friday, May 17, 2013

an Italian gurl keepin' it 4real

i just have to ask this,
and i don't want to sound absurd,
but if i see you on Manhunt
why aint u showing me meat?
u say your a top, but your main pic is your ass...open. you say you want now, yet you keep asking me questions like "who's your podiatrist" or "spell your last name?" and then you ask me to open my pics, well bitch, do the same! if i give you my number it's because i'd like to hear, straight from your mouth, what you sound like, loud n clear. cause i seen many men who may look like men in pics, but then when they get there n these bitches sound like a big ol' Miss Tang, ok! do i make myself clear, i know your in your 40's, remember how to dial a phone? don't text me cuz i'm probably not alone, and don't gots time to be textin u back, 4 real, i'm sorry, cuz if ya do it again, i'll slap ya black...AND THEN you say that your versatile. now, what does that mean to you, cause lemme tell ya churl...it do not mean that i can fuck ya on your knees OR on your back...and while i'm fuckin' ur hole, don't be textin' on Grindr, and that best be your last Remindr, it's obvious that you is a ho, and it's almost time now 4 u 2 go. but no, wait, what did i hear ya say??? do i have other hung buds to come gang bang your hole? would that be ok? could that be true, i've just about had enuf of you...wft beotch, 4real?? in that sloppy ass can ya even feel?? u need more n more n more cock for what? ya can't hold in the shit inside you when u stand up...and wait, oh yea, remember ur profile said UB2, UB2 what? ugly n fat wit attitude? from now on let me be the judge of that..for real girl, now you better just step back, cuz if i go on, i might just say, something rude, and make ya go away...oh no, please don't...really? ok...i'll see ya back on line, ALL DAY!

this guinea will not shut up, 
so don't even try, 
cause i will

fuck you up!