i was almost an abortion

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Janet Jackson - If

if everything i've done thus far
means anything to anyone, anywhere,
could i please get half a break, because,
i'm sinking, and drowning fast.
i never ask for anything, but always give everything.
i want not a lot
but get not a lot either.
i don't think that it seems tpoo much to ask the world for a second chance,
because i never did anything to hurt anyone,
i planted flowers, hoped they'd grow,
i helped my friends and dreamed real big,
had some success, and yet, never came up on top,
never felt fulfilled.
never made enough money to save a dime,
and now,
it's time to step up to the plate,
accept responsibility for everything
put aside my inhibitions,

step forward, and up to the plate...
because if not,
it's over soon,
without debate.