i was almost an abortion

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Janet Jackson - If

if everything i've done thus far
means anything to anyone, anywhere,
could i please get half a break, because,
i'm sinking, and drowning fast.
i never ask for anything, but always give everything.
i want not a lot
but get not a lot either.
i don't think that it seems tpoo much to ask the world for a second chance,
because i never did anything to hurt anyone,
i planted flowers, hoped they'd grow,
i helped my friends and dreamed real big,
had some success, and yet, never came up on top,
never felt fulfilled.
never made enough money to save a dime,
and now,
it's time to step up to the plate,
accept responsibility for everything
put aside my inhibitions,

step forward, and up to the plate...
because if not,
it's over soon,
without debate.


Anonymous said...

The first thing you need to do is get rid of this blog that screams "HEY WORLD - I'M INSANE!". No one in the professional world is going to hire someone who posts the things you post. There are plenty of talented photographers they can hire who don't behave like sex-obsessed manic depressives.

You ARE talented! Now grow up and start acting like a professional.

Mr. Joseph Oppedisano said...

Thanks anonymous, I appreciate the comment, and especially appreciate the fact that you couldn't sign your name and be a man about it. If u think that, and are a friend, then u should have said that to me personally...that's what friends do. So, anyway, I have written my last post on here and have moved on. The next step will be yet another thing that will blow u away...like all the other things I've done...the same things that make u read the blog which u think makes me lookin sane in the first place...

Anonymous said...

You're fixated on someone leaving their name when they make an observation you don't like. What friend of yours would sign their name knowing you'd go on some psychotic rant and publish emails, pictures and other personal information about them?

What you need to do is listen to the criticism, process it and then behave like an adult.

Also, why would anyone in the fashion world hire someone who, for the past several years, shoots almost entirely pornstars and soft and hardcore porn shots?

You were once in the fashion world, do really think L'Uomo Vogue takes someone like you seriously?

No, they don't and you know it.

As I've said, you're very talented Joe but you're wasting it on work that is a dead end.

Also, you need to shut up about how you're going to do something amazing and how it's going to blow everyone's mind.

Stop telling us about it Joe and do the work and let it speak for itself.

And finally, get off the ground, get rid of the wide-angle lens and show us something else. We've seen that shot.

42,768 times in fact.