i was almost an abortion

Monday, May 20, 2013

alone, plus none.

if everything you ever want
is everything that you see,
then doesn't that explain the fact
that you're living an absurd dream?
if everything has been multiplied
then divided into 1 
drop the 2 and add a 10,
wait, you're not done.
subtract all of the little things
multiply it's entirety
cross the t's and dot the i's
then the square root minus 1
the sum of all the facts will be
a millimeter of what you've become.
all that you have left is then
besides nothing, and subtract again,
yet still something that the rest of us 
could live off forever,
no fuss no muss.
yet still you go through life
without shame
while everyone else takes on the blame.
you bitch, you moan,
you stomp, you groan
from atop your gilded thrown.
you scream you bitch,
you're such a wretch
nothing or no one left to own.
if you had put any thought
in the things or people you have bought
a zillion dollars would be chump change
for the rest of us with no exchange.
if everything you ever thought
was even close to what it's become,
then my friend, i have to say
you've lost it all
and everyone.
and you are left
alone, plus none.