i was almost an abortion

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ripped and Shredded


ok, we are all obsessed with youth.
of course, not being the young cute chicken in the bars anymore makes us rethink who we are, where we've been, what we've become, and what we've done and haven't done with our lives.  theres nothing more beautiful than the skin of a 19 year old, the muscle tone of a worked out Abercrombie & Fitch boy, the energy of a 15 year old, or the sex drive of all of the above....but, would we ever really want to go back to being 19?
after all i've been through, good or bad, up or down, every experience has led me to know better, think faster and more wisely, and not make the same mistakes again. after all, beauty fades, dumb is forever.

but, it would be nice to know what these kids now know...how to work their bodies to perfection in high school, they know if they're gay or not without shame at 7 and they still have all their hair...
maybe i'm bitter...but i don't think so, i think im just accepting the fact that it aint coming back...and i guess that's ok...
maybe in my net life i'll be an Abercrombie model...
my luck i'll be a potato.

as i see the boys come and go, one minute the newest best thing around, the next, yesterdays news...i recall the day when i was that boy...the pretty Italian boy from upstate with the big dick...that didn't last very long, but then again, i had a good time anyway...