i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


in the beginning,
everything seems all fun and games.
you anxiously await every second that's in store,
knowing deep in your heart that this is going to be great!
as the time gets closer, your nerves get more tangled with your emotions,
and you can't sleep,
when you do pass out,
you dream only of the moment that it starts,
anticipating it with no hope of moving your mind to something different.
no, it's here,
you're getting itchy now,
scratching, itching, anticipating!
the seconds seem like hours and the hours seem like days.
when will it get here!
why must i wait any longer!
i'm going to die if i don't get it right away!
and then the second hand on the clock ticks to the moment you've been waiting for.
the world seems as if it has stoppped.
you're heart can't bare the anxiety your head has created,
and so,
when the time has come,
the moment is here,
why does it always seem to be that what you've been waiting
so helplessly anticipating,
dying to get here moment,

it's always a let down...
and it happens every time.