i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



so, r ya ready?
now, i had had quite a day.
i slept well, woke up cause babyboy had to peepee and once i was up, i was up...
i walked the babies and on the way back decided to gewt my ass up n out n just enjoy the day and do shit i shoulda done 2 weeks ago...
i'm checkin my email, and..
i get an email from a "friend" who i been asking whats up forever and he says nothing.
ok, right,. so, i stay away, give space, and then i get the email saying he's mad at me cause i owe him coins...but, like, what??? why??? i aint uset cuz i photographed ur fat ass a hundred times naked no less, and didn't get but 2 ents and nothin but drama about getting u the pics asap..retouched.
fags is fags n why i'm over them.
until i get home n there is an eviction
otice on my door cause my stupid immigrant landlord cant do the goddamned math, and lie a fuckin idiot, she put in the courts that i owe rent ((when, bitch, i just paid u cash ho, recall dat??) and it was only cause Q H the dj/producer idiot "friend" of mine i shot (who told me she wanted to pay me cuz she knew what happens to artists, bla bla) and still hasnt paid me the fuckin amount, and so, whatever, i owe coins and i am bouncin checks all over nyc cause a her .
i am over over over faggots, so if u are one, either come to me on all 4's ass up (and clean) and ready to get a load dfumped in u, or, get the f78ck outta my face,
good day bitches, i'm out!