i was almost an abortion

Monday, April 1, 2013

"what if""why""maybe"

you would thought that the way he was last week,
everything this week, would have been a nice calm, almost a relief...
but no...
he continued his fast paced routine until h nearly collapsed head first into a bag of popcorn,
the first real meal he'd eaten in what seemed like weeks...
but that's just how he rolled...
never thought "what if"
never questioned "why"
never doubted "maybe"
and always insisted on "cool"
as the answer that made everything seem like it would all somehow work out.
someday maybe.
today he had one last day to make everything right
that wasn't..
but before that even started,
before he even began at step one,
he needed too close his eyes and sleep,
at least for an hour
and then everything would at least be...
at the very least...