i was almost an abortion

Monday, October 8, 2012

We Found something...

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

What it takes to come alive...

and how lucky we are when it gets there.  
as the day finishes the weekend that finalized a week and a half of hell,
the gambit of emotions have been seen. there's nowhere left to hide...
everyone knows the trouble you seen.
everybody knows cause you aint one to keep quiet,
and so the social network "community" feeds at unbelievably fast speeds to inform everyone in our circle of life and beyond exactly what is going on in any and everyone's lives, 24/7.
and we feel happy that we've shed some of the baggage off us and onto the others who,
couldn't possibly have it as hard as we did...
but as the day finishes and the week closes and the month ends,
if and only if you can look back and be in even a slightly better place than you were,
well then, i guess you aint doin' so bad after all.

       photos of a time that i thought weren't so bad...
but...ya NEVER know whats right around the corner
ready to pounce!

Kiki and Herb

Total Eclipse of the Heart -Kiki and Herb

some people gotst it,
most want it,
few posses it,
and the geat ones don't even realize it...


that's really the best way anyway?

Toxic in the Deep

Adele vs Britney - Toxic in the Deep (Bumper's Mashup) [HQ]

                                                                              too high, can't come down...
it's never ending, and instead of relaxing and actually knowing this anyway...
i continue to fight.
i couldn't have had it all...
rollin' in the deep?
it was all a toxic mix of life, wrong place, wrong time, wrong question, wrong answer....
it was bound to happen.
it was waiting for the right moment to just frop and explode all over everything,
destroying everything in it's path.
but, it doesn't have to stay that way forever.
everyone just calm down.
take a pill, any pill, just take one, and breath.
finally i can see that crystal clear,
i've moved above, beyond, leaped high, and touched ground,
and now,
i can have it all.


Madonna - Everybody [The First (TIME) Album]

Michelle McCabe shared Madonna's photo.
11 hours ago
Madonna's 'Everybody' single celebrates its 30th Anniversary today! Wherever you are in the world, make sure to play it loud and to "Dance and Sing, Get up and Do your thing!
Photo: Madonna's 'Everybody' single celebrates its 30th Anniversary today! Wherever you are in the world, make sure to play it loud and to "Dance and Sing, Get up and Do your thing!
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  • Joe Oppedisano Good God! that means that OVER 30 years ago in the antiquated art classroom of michelle mccabe and joey o-ppedisano, miss mccabe who had her brand new Walkman, coolly nudged mr o-ppedisano telling him to check out this new song, cause she had a feeling it was something he'd get into. so, mr. o reached across the table and grabbed the headphones briskly away from mccabe and adjusted them securely on his head over his ears and pushed play. ugh, i mean, really, mccabe thinks i havent already heard this on MTV!? OMG, he was like, so already over the song when he heard a voice....it was unlike any regular pop voice he had heard before, it had to be one of the new "colored" performers that MTV didn't "get" or hadn't picked up on yet...his heart skipped a beat and for an instant his shoulders shuttered, his head bobbed and his bi-level Lisa-Lisa and the Cult Jam hairdo went in front of his eyes, and it was only then that he realized that somehow, in the last few seconds of his life, everything he knew, everything he thought he knew, and everything he had no clue about, all came crashing inside his tiny little pea-head, and he knew that, he would never be the same again...he threw the headphones off and screamed, Michelle McCabe screamed back, Alicia Ketchum and Jimmy Jim Esposito freaked, and the what was so important 2 seconds ago art project of gluing macaroni onto cardboard to create a 3D album cover, wasn't at all so very...for the next 30 or so years, and, well, actually, for the next however-so-many years that would be the rest of his life, joey o would not, actually COULD not ever forget the moment Michelle MADE him listen to Madonna for the very first time...i mean, i may never ever have heard of her if it wasn't for mccabe...so, michelle, i thank u for evolving me, helping me become part of the culture i was born into, and making me a bigger faggot than i was a few seconds before that fatal moment in time...i love u...joey