i was almost an abortion

Monday, October 8, 2012

We Found something...

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

What it takes to come alive...

and how lucky we are when it gets there.  
as the day finishes the weekend that finalized a week and a half of hell,
the gambit of emotions have been seen. there's nowhere left to hide...
everyone knows the trouble you seen.
everybody knows cause you aint one to keep quiet,
and so the social network "community" feeds at unbelievably fast speeds to inform everyone in our circle of life and beyond exactly what is going on in any and everyone's lives, 24/7.
and we feel happy that we've shed some of the baggage off us and onto the others who,
couldn't possibly have it as hard as we did...
but as the day finishes and the week closes and the month ends,
if and only if you can look back and be in even a slightly better place than you were,
well then, i guess you aint doin' so bad after all.

       photos of a time that i thought weren't so bad...
but...ya NEVER know whats right around the corner
ready to pounce!

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