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Monday, October 8, 2012

Toxic in the Deep

Adele vs Britney - Toxic in the Deep (Bumper's Mashup) [HQ]

                                                                              too high, can't come down...
it's never ending, and instead of relaxing and actually knowing this anyway...
i continue to fight.
i couldn't have had it all...
rollin' in the deep?
it was all a toxic mix of life, wrong place, wrong time, wrong question, wrong answer....
it was bound to happen.
it was waiting for the right moment to just frop and explode all over everything,
destroying everything in it's path.
but, it doesn't have to stay that way forever.
everyone just calm down.
take a pill, any pill, just take one, and breath.
finally i can see that crystal clear,
i've moved above, beyond, leaped high, and touched ground,
and now,
i can have it all.


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Who are the models in these photos?