i was almost an abortion

Sunday, February 26, 2012

facts of life

you take the good,

you take the bad,

you take them both,

and there you have,

the facts of life...

god, it was always so simple,

yet it took me years to unravel the mysteries before me.

the ones i already had been given the solutions to,

and the ones that really made no sense of why i needed them anyway,

except to confuse and distract me,

and cause me heartburn and indigestion.

all of the nights i sat up worried,




and for what?

for nothing,

except to help form me into the freak i am today.

catholic guilt lives on hard n long in me.

through the trials and tribulations of a gay man in NYC,

i have compiled and compressed everything from friends and magazines to hair clippings and swatches.

filtered out the unuseable or normal ones,

descifered and decoded the interesting ones,

regergitated and renewed the best ones,

so that they will live on, even in a world that doesnt need or want them.

it's a long strange road we all take,\and each step of every path is differnt,

no two are alike.

some hard,

some easy,

some uphill,

some down,

some insane and frustrating,

others, insane and not so frustrating...

but its how we get there,

what we make of every second we get,

and how we turn it into our own story of our own lives.

chapter one,


here goes...