i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the way he left things

though not exactly sure just where he stood,
actually not really even sure he could, technically, stand...
he glanced quickly around the room to try and spot someone who would,
maybe, still be by his side...maybe even stick up for him.
but alas, the room was packed,
yet not one face seemed remotely cordial enough to even approach.
so with that he decided to not look any further
as he didn't want to get himself more frustrated...
so he buttoned up the top button of his coat and flipped up the collar,
raised his chin and walked gracefully and without looking back,
through the crowd of disgruntled faces.
when he got to the door, he asked politely to be excused,
and when he was sneered at by the doorman,
he simply laughed and said without hesitation,
"fucker, you have 2 seconds to move before i kick your ass."
and magically, the door was opened.
in the distance he could see the clouds on the horizon part, as if a sea,
and sunlight beamed down and birds few upwards and chirped.
things could only be better from here on out, he thought...

and he was right.