i was almost an abortion

Thursday, December 6, 2012

(Theatre Of Delays Remix)

      Adele - Skyfall (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

      that was the end.
i counted forwards, backwards 
from one to ten,
repeated twice 
and then again,
now i never will resolve the trend
of where exactly did it start or end.
maybe tomorrow we can start again
and then
have the strength and not pretend
that the vicious cycle
can start 
unresolved, it will then
becomes the beginning to the end...

there's something to be said, my friend
for someone smart enough to comprehend
the necessity to make amends
and never ever to depend
on things which now we understand
to be the things that caused the end...

let the sky fall
let it crumble
hear it tremble
breaking soundwaves
from every peaked and strung out decibel.
        it's time we can let it go and tell
             of just how far we let it bend
but stopped before what it would intend
to be then most bitter start up of the end
           but had the power to make it end,
and somehow save the things we tend
to take for granted in
 the end...