i was almost an abortion

Saturday, December 29, 2012

everyone you meet...

Tate Gallery Mixed Sculptures 
Village People Can't Stop The Music (Re Mix)

everyone you meet
the children in the street
are swaying to the rhythm,
there's something moving in em...
 and you never knew who they were, what they did, what they'd just heard... it really doesn't matter, they create such a great amount of chatter 
when everything around ya is really usually ever only bla...
does it seem so insane to feel so completely without shame
when inside you think your great but then stop and see that fate 
has brought your eye to stop and stare 
and in no more than a second become aware 
that there's others in the world 
with similar actions, jobs or tendencies...
however less absurd?  

and then one day you see a face, in a chat room from outer space, and you have to stop and stare, inside you think, damn, that isn't fair...that's how i reconnected with him, and as we chatted, it sunk in he is not just a pretty face, he's got talent, and grace, and his work, from what i've seen, makes him seem so much more extreme, yet hasn't even begun to see, where it will someday, surely lead.
there's not just a glossy stare, from him, you must be aware, there's really, so much more there...Mr.Sam DeVries...and some unbelievably otherworldly images of him from another talent i hope to see a lot more of, Allen Todd Yeager.

be aware...there's something happening there...