i was almost an abortion

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the game of LIFE

(Vogue (vs Duck Sauce's Barbra Streisand Strike A Pose!)

ladies with an attitude
never win, in fact they lose
if they intend to play the game
i've situated.
i've been playing this game now for it seems like
the same pawns, the same kings and
mopst definitely the same queens.
i keep wondering when they'll end up quitting already
as the game seems, at this point,
and...might i add,
the other team is losing.
but then maybe again, i'm the biggest loser.
if all the cards have been dealt
and i'm excited because i have two pair,
but then i realize that
i'm playing canasta all along,
and that doesn't really mean much in this game...
so, i panic.
i sit around looking praying hoping 
for a chance to show off my talents, skills,
and intelligence.
i can't keep ope that the game of LIFE is maybe
a game i shoulda not played,
and stuck to the ones i did fairly well,
like pac man or duck duck goose...
because it feels a lot like
you sank my battleship...
and i want to figure out how to stop from sinking...