i was almost an abortion

Monday, April 22, 2013


People who need people
Unfortunately I have to say,
Are very unlucky people.
Especially so if theyre gay.
They'll probably one day truly see
That what i say
I say, indeed,
Because in my life i have seen
Things unbecoming of a queen.
If u were truly royalty
Why would u act so viciously
To someone loyal,
Someone true,
Whos made his lifes mission to
Make the visions in his head
The fantasies you take to bed?
Another thing can be said...
Beyond all that
He gives great head!
Oops again i did it,
Sorry Britney...

But I really miss Whitney...
Now back up a step.
I know you'll get it...
Just take your time and don't forget it,
And get upset if
Something seems out of its context

Maybe even probably
The  things that u think u see
Are just a part of what in reality
Happened and you could have jumped
To conclussions that are fucked up
Because if u knew all the facts
You'd have shut your mouth

Step back!