i was almost an abortion

Saturday, August 25, 2012

♡ PART 4:


would you do anything for me?
i've been trying to understand,
can you please help me?
why is it really such a mystery
that everyone feels they can never be
compared to me even remotely
it only makes me feel more lonely.

cause bowing down on their knees to me,
feels like they're compelled to be so sadly
always somewhere miles far from me...
it's really not a necessity.
but i do appreciate it,
really i do, greatly.

as the steam from the hot asphalt pavement lifts
it takes with it all the oppression that for so long had kept it deep down,
in the underground,
causing everything around it to not feel allowed
to breath, relieve, or take refuge from the heat.
making everyone on this earth start to believe
that who in Gods name could ever conceive
what they had done to deserve such torture with no reprise...
had they really died and gone to hell?
or was this just some wicked spell?
and when the cool rain drenched every single thing
that now was brown, but long ago was green,
every leaf let out a sigh of relief
for destruction was not today their destiny.
every child smiled and it became again in style
to enjoy and laugh and forget the past
that was gone, finally, at last.