i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


"Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z | Alicia Keys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

today, right now, is another day.
no matter how bad you had it, it's the past, it's over, that was yesterday...there's no time to spend looking back, nows the moment to plan your attack. for no other day, for the rest of all of time, holds within it the power, to make sure that your destiny
truly shines.  your now on your 9th life, it's more than your second chance, it's now or it is never, step up and dance the dance.
in life you get no guarentees, you win some, then you lose some, sometimes come out even, sometimes you ride, sometimes you hold, and then hit the jakcpot and you've struck gold. i've had a million chances to let me start again, this time i know, theres no more left, i had really hit zero, so i haven't got much time to make the best of myself shine. when ahead u see the final yard, you push yourself, and you push hard, for never again, in your lietime, will you be there in the perfect place at the right time. so don't look back, don't waste your time just walk the  thin and narow line, because theres only one more chance to go, make it count, so take it slow. always remember from where you came, never forget what it feels like in the pouring rain, you've been given this, so don't fuck it up, you can do it, i know u can, make yourself proud, it's easier than going backwards, again and again, keep moving forward, just be yourelf, a stronger man than you evr thought you'd ever be, but this, my friend, is your destiny...