i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

when stars collide

waiting on a friend...
what to do, what to do...
had to do something.

had this amazing picture i shot of my new muse Charlie Harding
wearing a custom jock my superstar fashion designer David Dalrymple made for me for the shoot, and decided to brush up on my Photoshop techniques. so i decided to do a mock-up ad for David, if he ever did an ad, and figure out what it should look like to give the viewer an idea of what his brand is all about. to me, it's about insanity, deconstruction,  torn up, re-assembled,  and shredded chaos that happens to, when worn, look incredible. it's modern, but classic. it looks like it's falling off you, yet made impeccably,  it's interesting, perforated,  upside down but right side up.
i live for his work, he's not so bad either...

and Charlie is the perfect WWII All-American wartime hero encapsulated in a modern warrior.
who, is, of course wearing David Dalrymple...

when everything comes together, it's magic.

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