i was almost an abortion

Saturday, March 2, 2013

what a twit!

funny life is....

funny how you can so easily go in and out of people's "favor", so quickly. one minute (when they need you) they love you, can't live without you...but then, (when they are done with you) they forget your name, or worse...say hideous things about you to friends, and/or...worse they TWITTER it...good Lord...what have we become??
there's a certain porn star i guess you caould call him, if you use the term very loosely, that once upon a time adored me, called and wanted t oshoot all the time...then we did a job together with about 50 other models, and he felt like i had stiffed him of his glory and/or fame somehow...and since then, he has been nothing but an evil cunt...to the extent that he has lately been twittering things about me and my old habits...whatever they used to be...they are all but forgotten, except by this certain starlette who thinks that saying evilness can bring him glory...or, something..but, from the things i've been seeing, how people are re-tweeting my reply to him, i guess he's just another has-been that people find as offensive as he actually is...

hint-he's not a senior in high school any longer.