i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

- Ready Or Not -

The Fugees - Ready Or Not

ready or not,
here i come.
you cant hide...
gonna find u-
-n make u want me.

bless u if u represent the crew
but ill hex u with some witches brew if u do, too.

don't get better than that.


Lady GaGa - Summerboy


"Hey there summer boy,
lets go for a drive
take me for a ride
never gonna close our eyes...
hey there summer boy
i'm a busy girl...
don't have to much time,
hurry up before i change my mind..."
                                   la gaga

summer is now, officially, over.
everywhere i'm looking now,
instead of seeing tube topped Maritza's on da stoop drinkin Pink Champale wit her peeps,
i see Maritza all bundled up,
maybe as extreme as a top that doesn't
cover her belly button ring...
all the boyz in da hood r still chillin' outside the bodega,
but the bodega is now serving them harder liquor than the Colt 45's it was in August...
where did it all go?
where are the warm days, tropical breezes, hot nights?
another summer scratched off the calendar.
the morning skies clear as the not so scorching anymore sun appears.
there's a chill in the air, a crispness.
the leaves on the maple trees in the housing project
across the street
 have gone from deep green to magenta,
the same color as Maritza's bleached n color treated extenssions.
the summer is gone.
summer lovin'
had me a blast,
but that was summer of 2012, and, well,
it's passed.
move on forward gracefully,
autumn 2012 has exploded.
fashion week cum n gone,
all the hype glamor craziness and hell raised by the drop of a leaf
is under way...
the bears have come out to play,
and so,
from hibernate to congegate
after they all masturbate, they contimplate...
 the world as it slowly navigates
spins and rotates,
what will be their destiny,
their fate?
Uberbear Robert Valinshas an idea, many ideas, maybe too many sometimes...but his new  bear website is up to try n help the contemporary urban/international man who isn't ashamed, but rather proud of his belly...
what the f*%# to do.
now you'll know...at the click of a button.
it's that easy...
cumming very soon..
just don't get ur fingers stuck in that tight little bees nest...
but if you do...
lick ur fingers real good.



                                               COLTON FORD-Party at Iris's (playlist)

it never fails...
something inside tells me to hear/see/sm,ell/taste/experience something, and usually it happens in minutes or days.
like, just now.
12:51am, tuesday?..monday?
anyway, i pull up an old playlist from i-tunes, my eyes half crossed from overdoing it on photoshop, and chain smoking and eating as much ice cream as humanly possible, and like, this song, one of my all time fav classic house songs follow me by sidney youngblood comes on, and like, i need to hear it now, and need to pass it on, so, i youtube it, and, the first one that pops up is my sista coltina fordina's remake, and so, i knew it was meant to be.