i was almost an abortion

Friday, June 22, 2012

lets go queen, cause i'm ready

                do u know me?  cause i represent all the things about gay people that people detest.
                                                     and i wonder why i can't get laid!

at the end of the day,
as i kneel down to pray
for the things i have seen
that have been so extreme.
some of the things that i've heard
i find simply so absurd,
cause they come from the mouths
that know nothing about
when they hear themselves speak
they hear what they think is unique,
but to those who know better,
it sounds just like jibber,
from someone who is nothing
but thinks that she is something.
but from miles away
you can watch them decay
for their lives are about
nothing important,
i doubt
that they even exist
i know that
they wouldn't be missed,
for they just take up space
and destroy the human race
with their words and their face
which will soon be erased.

wiped out
who will miss
them at all,
just one guess,
no one at all,
so just smile as they fall.

oh, by the way...
happy gay pride girl,
i'm sure the people who actually suffered before us
would be very proud of you...

your moms not either.

r u ready?

the end.
this time you've pushed me
and now i intend
to make it certain
to everyone
that who you are
is a no one.
you've tried to pull
myself and friend
down to your level
it has got to end,
cause don't you see,
what's shown clearly
is your lack of control
and you irresponsibly
say things out loud
that you should just keep in
you look like a fool
you'll never win.
because i have
the right to say
whatever i want
and so i fire away.
i'll be the bain
of your existance
you'll see i'm right
through my persistance.
no one says
the things you say
and in my presence
gets away
from putting down
one of my friends,
and makes light of
a tragic end
of someone close
of someone sweet
someone you never had
the chance to meet.
so say what you will
i don't really care
talk all u want
with ur ass up in the air
ur such a fool
you lack respect
what do i expect
from a redneck?

come for me bitch,
let's go.



as they can be
some people live life
to be ordinary.
they try real hard
to fit in
and complain when nothing
works out for them.
they have no life
nothing to say
so bitch and moaning
fills their day.
they act offended
when someone states
the obvious
makes them outraged.
unless it's something
so mundane
an opposite opinion
drives them insane.
 u see these people
just getting by
day to day
theytry and try
to feel important
to feel secure
but all they are really
is walking manure.
oh how boring it must be
to live your life
so typically.

u know who i'm talking about bitch, so, i'm sure you'll be moaning to ur friends at the coffee shop in san francisco waiting for your disability check all day...

facebook phenomenon

so sad.
so, so, so sad.
just when you think that it can't get worse,
when you think people just couldn't be meaner,
it happens,
someone, someone stupid that is,
makes the same remark once again
proving my belief that people are just no good.

last night, my post about my friend who passed away
caused me to just lose faith that we as a community care about anyone but themselves.
i posted my writings directly onto facebook, as facebook is the place that
i had been seeing idiots make comments so careless and  ill thought out
about James, Erik, and i wanted to just come out and tell them to please
just keep your mouth shut.
in minutes, i had a bunch of emails from people saddened
by the fact that someone who they didnt know,
died to soon, and lived his life so depressed.
then, without missing a beat,
there was a dark cloud looking over it all,
someone who had to say the very same thing i was asking them to avoid,
Keith Folger from san francisco a balding, unattractive guy
with bad bags under his eyes and a body that looked like he tries to work out
but his body is just not, at his age,
going to get anywhere.
his typical remark was "he probably died from using drugs and steroids"
i tell ya, he is a gifted talented man with words,
and he must be super intelligent because he couldn't even be witty or cleaver
he was just basic. bland, typical, stupid, and proved his limited capacitys.
it turned into a brawl, it turned into a mess,
it only got worse when another idiot, Karl Deke von Uhl,
a friend of this queen keiths, chimed in with more stupidity
proving that what i guessed by looking at his photo,
that he's just nasty because god did not bless him with good looks,
was true.

in the end, when all was said and done, Keith Folger
the lady with the big mouth,
blocked me from being able to retaliate,
showing me, and the world that
he can't hold his own, he can only be the voice of no reason,
and he joins the ranks of the masses as just another nothing who keeps his own kind down.

i am now letting this go.
i will defend James till the end,
because i know better of him,
and i, one man with flaws of my own,
am not in any place to throw stones.