i was almost an abortion

Friday, June 22, 2012


as they can be
some people live life
to be ordinary.
they try real hard
to fit in
and complain when nothing
works out for them.
they have no life
nothing to say
so bitch and moaning
fills their day.
they act offended
when someone states
the obvious
makes them outraged.
unless it's something
so mundane
an opposite opinion
drives them insane.
 u see these people
just getting by
day to day
theytry and try
to feel important
to feel secure
but all they are really
is walking manure.
oh how boring it must be
to live your life
so typically.

u know who i'm talking about bitch, so, i'm sure you'll be moaning to ur friends at the coffee shop in san francisco waiting for your disability check all day...


Anonymous said...



Joe Oppedisano said...

wow, ur own words of wisdom show that you are exactly what i suspected...a typical fag who has nothing to say but what they are fed..boring