i was almost an abortion

Friday, June 22, 2012

r u ready?

the end.
this time you've pushed me
and now i intend
to make it certain
to everyone
that who you are
is a no one.
you've tried to pull
myself and friend
down to your level
it has got to end,
cause don't you see,
what's shown clearly
is your lack of control
and you irresponsibly
say things out loud
that you should just keep in
you look like a fool
you'll never win.
because i have
the right to say
whatever i want
and so i fire away.
i'll be the bain
of your existance
you'll see i'm right
through my persistance.
no one says
the things you say
and in my presence
gets away
from putting down
one of my friends,
and makes light of
a tragic end
of someone close
of someone sweet
someone you never had
the chance to meet.
so say what you will
i don't really care
talk all u want
with ur ass up in the air
ur such a fool
you lack respect
what do i expect
from a redneck?

come for me bitch,
let's go.


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