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Friday, June 22, 2012

facebook phenomenon

so sad.
so, so, so sad.
just when you think that it can't get worse,
when you think people just couldn't be meaner,
it happens,
someone, someone stupid that is,
makes the same remark once again
proving my belief that people are just no good.

last night, my post about my friend who passed away
caused me to just lose faith that we as a community care about anyone but themselves.
i posted my writings directly onto facebook, as facebook is the place that
i had been seeing idiots make comments so careless and  ill thought out
about James, Erik, and i wanted to just come out and tell them to please
just keep your mouth shut.
in minutes, i had a bunch of emails from people saddened
by the fact that someone who they didnt know,
died to soon, and lived his life so depressed.
then, without missing a beat,
there was a dark cloud looking over it all,
someone who had to say the very same thing i was asking them to avoid,
Keith Folger from san francisco a balding, unattractive guy
with bad bags under his eyes and a body that looked like he tries to work out
but his body is just not, at his age,
going to get anywhere.
his typical remark was "he probably died from using drugs and steroids"
i tell ya, he is a gifted talented man with words,
and he must be super intelligent because he couldn't even be witty or cleaver
he was just basic. bland, typical, stupid, and proved his limited capacitys.
it turned into a brawl, it turned into a mess,
it only got worse when another idiot, Karl Deke von Uhl,
a friend of this queen keiths, chimed in with more stupidity
proving that what i guessed by looking at his photo,
that he's just nasty because god did not bless him with good looks,
was true.

in the end, when all was said and done, Keith Folger
the lady with the big mouth,
blocked me from being able to retaliate,
showing me, and the world that
he can't hold his own, he can only be the voice of no reason,
and he joins the ranks of the masses as just another nothing who keeps his own kind down.

i am now letting this go.
i will defend James till the end,
because i know better of him,
and i, one man with flaws of my own,
am not in any place to throw stones.


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Anonymous said...

I agree with some of what you say. I did not know this man. However, any death can be heart breaking, especially one of our young gay men. Let's not take the time "bashing" one another!! Some of your comments are kinda harsh! I do see your point and hope that everyone involved can reach some sort of lesson in how we treat one another as adult, gay men. Cheers!

Joe Oppedisano said...

the 2 top posts by anonymous are obviously the boring stupid mundane queen who i read to filth on facebook, keith folger, thats his name he lives in san francisco and is a social worker, who, basically is an asshole because someone with a job like his should be a little more compassionate about his own people. he is nothing more than a aging old queen who is trying so hard to fit in, i mean, check out the guys facebook profile pic. hes in a club with 2 other guys, shirtless, and well, his potbelly hanging over his jeans and the bags under his eyes just shows that the guy is desperate to hold on to his youth by still going out to clubs where, the guys around him probably run and laugh when they see this old troll coming.
the end.