i was almost an abortion

Sunday, May 12, 2013

it's my life. don't you forget

Penny Larceny for-DANGER GLOBAL WARMING http://www.blacksmoke.org/danger/  

Every night as i lay,i close my eyes, breath deep, and pray...
i hope that everything will one day be better than it's been, and i hope that i've learned all the lessons i've been taught. and i hope that i can be an example to show that i survived from pure strength, and didn't give up,
instead fought.

no one i've ever met is perfect.
not you, not i.
so to look judge and point at anyone for anything
is just destructive.

all alone tonight, with no one to hear
all the voices that talk fast,
and speak so loud in my ear.

you can't hear that?
it doesn't make sense
it's stifling.
it's in Japanese i think...
maybe Chinese,
i dunno...
all i hear is Any Sedaris doing "ching chong" in my head
and it echoes and babbles
everything that's ever been said.

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all i know is what i see.
every detail i catch 
and with the execution of a marksman i relate
what it is i have seen
and it comes to life from my dream.
i may not have gone about my life as you would have.
that's ok.
it's my life, and my time,  and it's none of your business  anyway.