i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

is this the end?

Adele - Skyfall (Consoul Trainin VENUE Remix)

if the sky falls,
and it crumbles
and then tumbles,
what do we have left.
is it the end?
or do we face it all together,
as skies fall?
my world has begun to crumble,
as it tumbled,
and i wondered,
where do i begin?
how do i start over?
where do you begin?
if it's the end,
and we have things to guide us
and show us how to start again,
when will it all begin?
where and when does it all begin?
do i deserve the chance to win?
or is it time to forget it all or, then again,
should i move on, close my eyes
and count to ten?
it's all something that matters,
if and only when,
the time has come to look around and then
possibly know just how and when it can regain it's zen...
it's all twisted,
it all makes sense in some other language,
it all isn't important,
it's the most important thing i can think of right now.
where do we begin?
start from scratch?
erase the past?
ask a friend?

or just relax and know that,
in the end,
it all happens the way it's supposed to.
and then,
everything again,
is as it should be
till the bitter end...

but then again...

so instead i think that i'll defend
the things i struggled so hard to comprehend
that if i stop, even for a moment
i will then descend,
and then,
i've lost the battle
even before i begin again.