i was almost an abortion

Monday, September 24, 2012

everything happens for a reason

the old saying is "never count ur chickens before they hatch" seems intillectually sound, but leaves nothing to the imagination or fact that sometimes when you count your chickens before they're hatched,, u find yourself creating wonderful fantasies of what the chickens will do that will be entertaining and uplifting, even possibly change your life for the better...so, if you don't dream,of them, then when the chickens in fact do hatch you have nothing but reality to do with the, like change their hay, feed them etc. but personally,i like counting my chickens, not all the time, but sometimes when i have something tht i feel is going to be espeially interesting and/or fun, or even for that matter, life changng, i think that counting them, imagining them in every way possible and looking forward to the day when they actually come into fruition, then you have already had a glimpse of just what might be, what could be, and hopefully what will be. and that, i believe, is an increible platform in starting any kind of relationship. if he fantasy dosn't work out as dreamed that doesn't men youve wasted your time, but it means that your beautiful mind has just expanded, grown and branched out to show you things that somewhere the future may hold for you, something that maybe you didn't see coming, maybe its someone that you never expeted, in a way you never imagined, on a day when you werent looking for anything in particular, and maybe your last thought in the world was that something magnficent was about to come into your life and change it forever...
that's exactly the very moment the best things in life come to you.
if you look to hard, you'll never find it.
but if you just let it happen, let destiny take its course and let the universe have its way, then it will come to you two fold.
life isn't about you, really.
it has a course that it follows naturally, without even trying.
when you try to hard, you mess it up.
when you relax and let it be, you will be shocked at the wondrous things that you will see.
relax my boy.
it's the very first day of the very first time we met in this lifetime, and from what i can see as i count my chickens, is a farm overrun as two boys from two different countries on two different continents of two different generations and two different minds, cross, create sparks, smile, and enjoy just what the world expected it would be, for thats why we, affter all this tme, were in the same place, at the very same moment, introduced by someone that neither of us really knew, on a day when you were headed to bed, and i had just by complete accident, woken up after i fell asleep after walking my dog...
everything happens for a reason.
i don't know what that reason is, but i do know that i would very much like to find out...
3million thirty one, 3million thirty two, 3milion thirty three....
i just ‎can't stop counting.