i was almost an abortion

Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Know I'm No Good

(Ladies On Mars Remix)

am i an addict if i HAVE to have coffee in the morning?
or a xanex before bed?
or a cocktail to feel social,
or an asprin for my head?
does it mean that i'm addicted
just because i have to have
a cocktail to be social,

some crystal for sex,
a few ecstasy for dancing,
a bottle or two of k to chill and zone out,
a gallon of g to fuck like a horse,
$200. worth of weed a week pot, 24/7, just cause,
or heroin just to relax?!?

society has confused me once again.
the tricky games it plays on my poor little mind.
staring into space just to think of,
clearly, if i am an addict?
i've been being good, so,
does that mean i'm not feinding for it right this very moment??
i think not.
as i sit alone, helpless and confused,
shattered by the very thought that,
me, joseph oppedisano,
is considered an addict.
that was like, so 2008.
but it never means you forget just how great it felt,
how strong you were,
how much fun you had.

sucks huh?