i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


as the tables turn,
my head does spin,
but this time, i know,
i'm going to win.
for past is past
and presents good
thought i was wrong,
cause only one lays by my side,
only one,
and he, tonight,
bravely holds down the fort,
and licks the wounds
and makes things right.
only one,
i swore that you
would always be there too.
oh well,
it's not for me to fight,
my battles i won, all tonight.
are battles i hope you never have to fight
because you'll lose,
you're just wound up to tight.
 ok, we'll see,
theres no sense looking back on thee.
you proved your point,
i get it, blah!
i know you'll come back soon,
for more...


and so it was told
from mouth to unexpectant ear,
was something i wasn't supposed to hear...
but there it was
out, aloud
and for a moment,
my heart beat proud,
for i knew i'd know
there was no doubt,
somebody, someday
would blurt it out!
the truth came oh so effortlessly,
when slipped from lips
that told it all to me...
i know now that you did what you did,
i also want you, one thing, to know,
is "Gurl u r a silly ho!"
cause i'm over it,
u make me sick,
how dare u disrupt my shopping trip!
i gots some Gussi and Versase,
come near me n i'll mase ur face!
cause i aint gots no mo time,
ugh, to think back when u were mine...
that's it!
i yawn, and so, for now, cause ur boring,

i quit!



it's now or never,
can it possibly be that clever?

i'm bout to get mine...


Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know ft. Kimbra (KDrew Dubstep Remix)

u didn't have to stoop so low,
have ur friends collect ur records and then
change ur number....

i guess ur just somebody that i used to know.

falling falling into space
the time feels right
but i have nothing in front of me falling into place.
day by day and night by night
inside it's a domestic fight,
but i'm both sides
right or wrong, i don't know.
now your just somebody that i used to know.
somebody someone, somewhere, out there,
someones gotta see
the unrighteous things that be stalkin me,
anyone and everyone it seems
falls into places on both sides, in extreme.
it looks okay
guess so did it seem yesterday,
so why and who, and what and when will my life be back in order again?

to be contnued...

it's a strange place to be in right now.
how much more am i suposed to take?
from what becomes of my mistakes
when i never commit the sin of not believing in my faith,
i know i'll be better in a month,
and that, i can guarentee you,
is fact.
to be continued...


as my head spins
it recalls a time,
when i was yours,
and you were mine.
nothing mattered,
nothing felt
like the way i feel,
the cards ive been dealt.

why do u feel so inclined
to say the shit thats on your mind
when nothing even sounds refined,
don't u wish u could just hit rewind?

i dont know where im going now,
i ask around
but nothing, now,
in one months time, i'll know my place
but right now i sit
in blank empty space.

im confussed,
im tierd,
i hate brad,
but he's just being a white person,
dumb republican incest raised piece of dog shit,
and not even buddy would shit out like that.
i hate people
people named brad that is.
he's a liar,m
told people i left his place a mess when in fact,
my mom was shocked to hear that cause last time i stayed there,
he called her to say hpw immaculate the houyse was.
oh well,
liars suck.
hey gurl!